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    Clear Writing Slope

    The Clear Writing Slope enables children to work and write at the optimum angle, encouraging good handwriting practice. Some children hunch over the desk when writing on a flat surface.

    Sensory Pebbles

    The Sensory Reflective Gold Buttons are robustly constructed from stainless steel, these 7 giant reflective gold buttons have a pleasingly rounded discus shape with smooth seamless edges and are graduated in size.

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    Jumbo Sand Timer

    This colourful Jumbo Sand Timer is ideal for use in the classroom or at home to give children a visual representation of the passing of 5 minutes. Its oversized and sturdy, making it great for little hands.
    The rubber endcaps give the timer greater durability and allow for quiet pausing of the timer.

    Mini Tuff Tray

    The Mini Tuff Tray is a smaller version of our much-loved tuff tray. At 70cm diameter versus the original at 91cm, the Mini Tuff Tray is perfect for settings with limited space or for smaller, more focused group activities.
    The opportunities and possibilities of the Mini Tuff Tray remain endless;

    Sensory Toy Warehouse Open

    Sensory Toy Warehouse

    Our Sensory Toy Warehouse based in Aldridge,specialise in Sensory Activities & Games, Sensory Room Equipment, Baby Sensory Toys.

    Our Sensory toy warehouse supplies sensory toys for autism and special needs equipment/tools to parents, therapists, charities, clinics, schools and to the NHS.
    Our warehouse is open 7 days a week dispatching sensory toys and educational resources around the clock.
    Our sensory toy warehouse is a pupose built dispatch facility optimised for fast picking and dispatch.
    Our Sensory Toy Warehouse staff pick and pack your order with care.