5 Frame Tray

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    The 5 Frame Tray is designed to be used both in conjunction with and independently from our 10-Frame Tray.
    This 5 Frame Tray allows children to explore counting, number patterns to five, related addition and subtraction facts, and, in the process, increase their mathematical understanding.
    The 5 Frame Tray is made from sustainably-sourced, FSC approved beech wood Size: 380 x 80 x 20mm.
    This 5 Frame Tray is key in helping children to develop fluency in counting up to 5, one of the key aims of the early year's curriculum.
    • Help children start devising mathematical problems, as well as emphasising empty sets and the concept of nothing or zero.
    • Children can use this resource to begin estimating.
    • i.e. how many spaces of the frame are taken up/left and also to investigate means of simple addition and subtraction within 5.

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