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    Our exclusive 18 piece sensory Jumbo ball kit contains a large variety of fantastic touch and feel sensory ball's which allow you to experience many types of textures,lights and smell all combined within our exclusive sensory ball kit.
    The Sensory Ball kit jumbo is exclusive to sensory education and its a unique sensory resource full of tactile touch toys and ideas.
    Our exclusive sensory ball kit allows your child to develop and increase the following skill's Tactile awareness Hand and Eye co-ordination visual perception Motor skills, Concentration levels Visual tracking Focus This jumbo sensory ball kit is the most complete collection of sensory balls and this will sure mean lots of fun and laughter within the house.
    Why not use the kit to play games such as to and fro which will help de-stress and the kit also contains fantastic fidget balls which will keep small and big hands busy.
    Use the sensory ball kit to engage and promote discussion and often and easy way to help shy or nervous children open up to you and all through the fantastic medium of play.
    Contents vary subject to stock.
    18 Piece Kit including bag

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