Bubble Liquid Timer Pack of 4

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    Our fantastic Bubble Liquid Timers come as a pack of 4 and are a fantastic item to watch as they have a calming tranquil effect.
    The Bubble Liquid Timer have a reservoir at both ends in which the coloured liquid drips into when the liquid timer is turned over.
    Our highly attractive crystal clear sensory Bubble Liquid Timer sets contain colourful mineral oil and water in a range of designs.
    When turned upside down the Bubble Liquid Timers provide a variety of ways for the droplets to fall or rise.
    The Bubble Liquid Timers will captivate and fascinate and are an ideal resource for quiet focus, as well as inspiring curiosity, developing creative language and understanding simple scientific principles.
    As the liquid drips into the reservoir its creates a calming and smoothing effect.
    Simply wait until the reservoir is full and then start again,its a source of non stop calming and such fun.
    The liquid timer is a special little gizmo as the bubble liquid floats upwards towards the top of the liquid timer.

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