Childrens Cottage


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    Our range of Premium Playhouses provide hours of outdoor fun for children.
    Our largest Children’s Playhouse will help expand your children’s imaginations and make the most of playing outdoors whatever the weather.
    This robust solid redwood Cottage has lots of room for group activities and can even be used as a store for play equipment.
    This solid redwood construction with 4 Georgian style windows allows plenty of light within.
    This item is CE marked and safety features include smooth surfaces inside and out, rounded edges on frames, and acrylic safety glass.
    Playhouse will be assembled on site by our experienced installation team.
    We recommend that the Playhouses are situated and assembled on a firm, flat, level base.
    Ideally this should be 50mm concrete, tarmac or flagstones at least 100mm larger than the storage unit.
    • Not suitable for grass or soil.
    • The Playhouses are supplied with a base coat treatment.
    • As with all timber buildings it is recommended that you treat the timber with a high quality wood preservative (at least every two years) ensuring great play value for many years to come.
    • Manufactured with solid Redwood
    • Safety features - smooth surfaces inside & out.
    • Rounded edges on frames.
    • Acrylic safety glass on windows (including door)
    • Overall Dimensions: 2130 x 2130mm (LxW)
    • Apex Height: 1790mm - eaves: 1260mm - veranda: 610 x 2130mm
    outdoor play house,sensory toys

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