CHUIT Baby Tetra Chew

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    The CHUIT Baby Tetra Chew is designed to calm and soothe infants who are in the early stages of development.  At approximately 5-6 months of age, babies start mouthing and chewing in order to strengthen their mouth muscles and exercise their lips, tongue, and jaw. This oral exploration prepares them to eat solid foods and to make speech sounds later on.  
    The CHUIT Baby Tetra Chew provides a safe outlet for babies to develop these skills. 

    Babies can mouth and explore 4 different "arms" - each with a different texture for lots of varied sensory input.  The two rectangular arms have ribs:  one with horizontal ribs that wrap around the extension, and one with long ribs that run the length of the extension. 

     The two rectangular arms have bumps:  one with mild round bumps, and one with zigzag bumps that provide more input.  With all these different shapes and textures, the CHUIT Baby Tetra Chew helps introduce babies to new sensations orally, which helps prepare them for solid foods later on and also helps decrease and/or prevent oral sensitivities.

    • Baby Tetra-Bites are recommended for children up to the age of 2 and a half years. 
    • The CHUIT Baby Tetra Chew measures just under 5" across.  Each extension measures just over 1" long and about .4" thick - perfect for reaching the back molars where we need to chew the most.

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