CHUIT Tetra Fidget Chew

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    Colour: Blue
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    Wow, the CHUIT Tetra Fidget Chew packs so many punches and all combined with one stylish and practical chew tool.
    THE CHUIT Tetra Fidget Chew Has 4 different textured arms all of which have a different chew sensation.

    You can choose from Circular bump,Ridged Bumps and Lined bumps and even Zig zag bumps, its truly a sensory seekers perfect outlet.

    The CHUIT Tetra Fidget Chew has 4 arms and they are designed to allow children to chew on the back molars for proprioceptive input meaning children can have a Jaw and Masseter Muscle workout.


    • Not just a chew, the Tetra Fidget Chew also makes a great hand fidget! 
    • Put your pointer finger inside the hole and use your other hand to make it spin on your finger. 
    • Or, hold it in both hands by the circular extensions and twist to make it spin. 
    • It's great for increasing focus and practising fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

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