Citrus Fruit Seat Pads Set of 10 With Trolley

    SKU: DD-WBE-DP00010

    Sale price£384.95


    Transform your indoor and outdoor lessons with these high-quality citrus fruit soft seat pads! The Citrus Fruit Seat Pads are flat, padded, and lightweight – the perfect combo for maximising comfort and portability.
    The foam inside provides a comforting experience for the child, promoting concentration and engagement while learning.
    You can even stack the seating pads away neatly for convenient storage at the end of the lesson.
    All covers in this range are made from polyester, completely removable and can be unzipped, removed, and machine-washed at 30 ° C.
    Fruits included in the set: lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit Which one is your favourite? We in love with the lemon! Dimensions: 50 x 400m dia.
    Supplied as a pack of 10 with wooden storage trolley

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