Colour Change Nee Doh

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    Need to mellow out? Colour Change Nee Doh is the Groovy Glob that excites your eyes while it soothes your soul.
    Squeeze it and travel to a new dimension of colour.
    Each Colour Change Nee Doh stress ball will make you feel more relaxed than before.
    This Colour Change Nee Doh stress ball will help you mellow out! Feeling Stressed? Then you need Nee-Doh! Grab one and give a squeeze.
    The experience will blow your mind, soothe your soul, and have you feeling groovy in no time! The colour change Nee Dohs have one colour on the outside, but change colours when you squeeze them.
    The blue ball turns pink, the pink ball turns purple, and the yellow ball turns orange!

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