Constellation Ball

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    This special Constellation Ball is a great sensory ball for gentle sounds.
    The Constellation Ball creates a sound like gentle rain falling down.
    The Constellation Ball also is great for visual stimulation and children will love to watch the internal confetti effect swirl around the ball.
    Watch and listen as colourful confetti-like plastic pebbles inside the ball make the sound of gently falling rain! The Constellation Ball supports hand-eye co-ordination, motor skills and collaborative interaction.
    Also valuable for improving focus and concentration during quiet periods.
    Great for playing multi sensory games with stress-relieving sounds.
    Can also be used to engage children and to capture and maintain focus, particularly of the withdrawn or lower functioning.
    This safe, soft and resilient 16" silicone ball also features ridges for a great tactile feel and easier gripping.
    Ball comes deflated.
    Use needle type pump to inflate.
    For ages 3 and older.

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