Dark den Accessory Kit 2

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    The Dark den Accessory Kit 2 contains an exciting array of coloured, twinkling sensory lighting to explore in the Dark Den or any darkened room, making the kit versatile and enjoyable across all sensory room settings.
    Create your own multi sensory environment with these amazing sensory light resources.
    The Dark den Accessory Kit 2 enables a child to build a den and make a cozy secret world.
    Now with this kit, they can explore all kinds of light up toys.
    It's a thoughtful collection with each object doing something different.
    The Dark den Accessory Kit 2 Typically Includes: 1 Hyrdrasphere 2 Fibre optic fountains 2 flashing animal torches 3 colour change eggs 2 Flashing animal toys Contents may vary.
    *Occasionally contents may vary but don't worry it will always be for an item of the same or higher value*

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