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    Didicar is a unique, self-propelled ride on toy for children, and adults alike!
    Weighing just 3.8Kg the Didicar is easy to lift, carry and store and despite weighing so little,
    The Didicar has a robust design and can cope with up to 120Kg, and the most enthusiastic of riders.

    The Didicar features no pedals, motors, batteries or greasy chains, riders simply turn the wheel left and right to move the Didicar forwards.
    Flip the wheel, and the Didicar then goes backwards!

    Didicar works best when used on hard, smooth, flat surfaces indoors or out, including concrete, tarmac, paved surfaces and other open areas.
    Great for promoting exercise, physical development, balance, co-ordination, spatial and speed awareness.

    A simple ride on toy that is sure to provide years of fun.
    Beware of imitations, if it doesn't say Didicar, then it's not an original Didicar Didicar is available in a range of colours including Cool Colourful Blue, Awesome Apple Green, Playful Plum Purple, Pretty Princess Pink, Fiery Flamboyant Red and Bright Brilliant Yellow


    Only the original didicar has the European Directives CE safety mark for toys, confirming that the didicar conforms to European Safety Standards.

    Didicar has become aware of companies who are selling imitation products.
    Please note, didicar is not associated in any way with these companies and they are not authorised sellers.

    Imitations can usually be identified by a significant price reduction or special offer which may appear on internet sales sites particularly eBay and Amazon .

    Please be advised that there we are the only didicar reseller on Amazon.
    Also, there are copy products available on other websites that use "didicar" as an internet search term but sell only imitations, which appear similar but have a different name.

    This happens extensively on Amazon, please be careful.
    Also, watch out for sites that have more than one name for the same product, these sites are not selling didicars!

    Remember: If it doesn't say didicar, it isn't a didicar.
    The official didicar retails around £50 (with or without delivery charges) and can be purchased from many legitimate sites including this one.

    Your official didicar will arrive in its own full-colour box carrying the didicar logo complete with full photo instructions and customer service contact information.

    We strongly urge our customers to be aware of imitation products as we cannot guarantee the safety or quality that you would normally associate with the official didicar.

    Proceedings are currently underway to address this issue and prevent these companies illegally using the didicar name and pictures to sell poor quality copies of the product.
    Please note that it is illegal to sell toys in the UK without the European CE safety certification.

    If in doubt ask the company for a copy of the safety certificate for the product.
    If you do not see the CE logo on the packaging and paperwork with your toy and there is no sign of the didicar name then it is not a didicar and is not safety certified.

    We would advise that you return the toy to the seller and you may consider making a report to Trading Standards.

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