Dj Set

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    When they just can't decide what instrument to play, children can always try a bit of everything with this extensive roll-up DJ play mat.

    Everything can be given a stern prod to make noises, clashes and maybe even a bit of music.
    Whether using the 24-key keyboard, four drum pads, DJ scratch disk or playing around with the pre-recorded tracks, there's enough variety here to satisfy all musical tastes.
    Connect an MP3 or CD player to play your own music through the system and make your own improvements along the way.

    For example, we always thought JLS would sound better drowned out by loud, sustained drumming.
    DJ play mat with keyboard, scratch disk, drums and pre-recorded tracks.

    • Touch areas of the play mat to create music.
    • MP3 player and microphone inputs.
    • Folds away for easy storage.
    • Requires 4 x AA batteries.
    • Mat 90cm wide.

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