Expressions and Feelings Rug - Oval

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    Get some face time! This circular rug captures a vast array of emotions through its colourfully comical facial expressions.
    Teaching children to recognise facial cues and match emotions to words and feelings.
    This rug has an anti-microbial treatment which is a durable 'locked-in' feature that is incorporated into the backing composite to minimise product deterioration and odours caused by microbial activity.
    -Lifetime anti-static fibre -High twist 100% nylon - prevents matting and crushing -Flexible back resists wrinkling -Triple felt backing -Double stitching Complies with EN71 safety standards and comes with a lifetime limited wear warranty with 10 year soil and stain protection Available in two shapes: -Oval (2870 x 1980mm) -Round (1980mm)

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