Expressions Round Learning Rug

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    Get some face time! This Expressions Round Learning Rug captures a vast array of emotions through its colourfully comical facial expressions.
    The Expressions Round Learning Rug teaches children to recognise facial cues and match emotions to words and feelings.
    This Expressions Round Learning Rug has an anti-microbial treatment which is a durable 'locked-in' feature that is incorporated into the backing composite to minimise product deterioration and odours caused by microbial activity.
    Lay the foundation for empathy and compassion by teaching children how to identify emotions and feelings.
    This large expressions educational rug features twelves faces and expressions.
    Children can refer to the faces on the rug to help identify how their companions are feeling or their own feelings.
    This rug is made of 100% polyamide.
    Strong materials and design ensure quality of several years of use.
    Creasing in the rug is less likely due to 3-ply felt backer.
    Measures 2000mm

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