Fine Motor Peacock Pals

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    Children will be proud as a peacock enhancing their fine motor skills with these Fine Motor Peacock Pals.
    The Fine Motor Peacock Pals are created to help develop fine motor skills such as hand strength and coordination.
    This Fine Motor Peacock Pals set aids the development of fine motor skills through push-in and pop-out play.
    Toddlers can pinch and pull the uniquely textured feathers, recognise their bright colours and get familiar with the numbers 1-5 on their plumes.
    These wipe clean birds support tactile play and offer a multitude of options to sort and match.
    Product Content: 5 Peacocks 25 Textured Feathers Pack size:30 Height:8 cm Width:10 cm Brand:Learning Resources Age Range:Suitable for age 10 months and up

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