Food Aroma - Lemon

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    Enhance your play with these magnificent 500ml food aromas.
    Safe for use with children, these food flavourings are most commonly used for their wonderful scents, although they could also be used for their fabulous flavours.
    With Peppermint, Lemon and Strawberry, children can experiment, investigate and explore using their sense of smell as well as touch.
    Add the scents to your play dough or water tray, making fresh smelling minty dough, lemon scented potions or a luscious strawberry swamp.
    We know that the tiny bottles you can buy from supermarkets are sometimes a little too small for your needs, especially if using in continuous provision; these 500ml jumbo bottles should keep you going for a while! With your needs in mind, these large bottles are a great store cupboard essential, and being food grade you could even use them in cooking (even if the extent of that is making play dough like us!) Specially formulated to ensure they are not too strong and completely safe for children, we know that you will find many uses for these wonderful aromas.

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