Forest Tunnel Play Set

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    The Weplay Forest Tunnel lets children explore by crawling, walking and hiding.
    Feel the large and small leaves.
    Look up there is an owl! The Weplay Forest Tunnel allows kids to use their imagination while working on gross motor skills and receiving sensory input.
    The open hole design allows light to pass through the Forest Tunnel, providing visibility and comfort for toddlers.
    The two different patterns on the Green Pattern Boards, offer not only visual interest but different sensory experiences with raised cherry blossom and leaf designs offering tactile stimulation for little hands and knees.
    Adorable owl-shaped connectors reinforce the tunnel structure.
    The multi-angled design of the Forest Tunnel allows for unlimited configurations.
    It's easy to clean, lightweight, durable, strong, and offers multiple ways to play.
    Item KM3001 Made by Weplay Includes 8 Side Boards (Brown), 4 Flower / Leaf Pattern Board (Green), 24 Nut (Orange), 6 Owl Connector (Red), 2 Plastic Wrench (Blue)

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