Giant Hollow Blocks 40 piece set

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    40 Giant Hollow Wooden Blocks Bumper Set of large hollow blocks to inspire every budding builder! Fantastic quality and lightweight, children can construct mighty strong and sturdy empires with these large hollow blocks.
    Stack, nest and slope to create a multitude of different structures.
    Children become architects of their own play as they select and experiment with the shapes.
    Each piece is securely made of sturdy solid wood with rounded edges for safety.
    Large muscles and imaginations are hard at work when children build with these easy-to-grasp wooden blocks.
    The Hollow Blocks' durable construction will give years of service.
    Age: 3 years +.
    40 blocks in 6 shapes: small plank, 10 x 56 x 1.
    5cm, large plank, 14 x 112 x 2cm, square block 28 x 28 x 14cm, small rectangular block, 28 x 14 x 14cm, large rectangular block, 28 x 56 x 14cm and ramp, 56 x 14 x 28cm.

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