Glow Writer Easel

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    Inject some colour into mark making and handwriting with the Glow Writer Easel.
    Even the most reluctant writers won't be able to resist this mark making equipment.
    The Glow Writer Easel dry wipe surface (52 x 65 cm) is surrounded by LEDs; children can draw, write, and mark make on the surface and see their work light up.
    The Glow Writer Easel has 28 different lighting settings from straight-forward static, to relaxing slow transition, to exciting flashes of colour.
    8 fluorescent chalk markers (included) are the perfect size for small-palms and not only help to engage with writing, but also develop fine-motor skills.
    Incorporating tech that genuinely helps the pedagogical development of your children into the classroom can be a challenge, but the Glow Writer Easel is simple tech that helps engage and can form part of your daily resource bank for handwriting and mark making.
    The Glow Writer Easel helps develop a love for mark making and handwriting with the Glow Writer Easel.
    Excite pupils attending intervention and catch-up classes.
    Use the Glow Writer Easel to hone writing and fine-motor skills.
    Model handwriting; write daily messages for the class; signal key vocabulary; and let children have fun with their writing.
    We recommend you clean your glow writer using the soft dry cloth provided once marks are dry.
    For stubborn marks first use a damp cloth, then dry the panel using a soft dry cloth.

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