Gonge Baby Trampoline

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    This Gonge Baby trampoline with handles is the perfect place for young children to practice their jumping while working on gross motor skills development.
    The Gonge Baby trampoline also provides a great outlet for getting out some extra energy whilst also improving muscle strength and balance.
    The Gonge Baby Trampoline is designed for very small children to practise trampoline jumping.
    The canvas on the Gonge Baby Trampoline is tensioned such that even small children will experience a springing effect which they would be too light to feel on ordinary trampolines.
    The spring sheet is only 12 cm above the floor.
    The rubber cover gives protection against the metal frame and the supporting handles are covered with foam to protect face and teeth.
    For children from 1 1/2 to 4 years (up to 20kgs).

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