Gonge Rock Around

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    The Gonge Rock Around is a great way to help kids work on balance and coordination! Children will enjoy the sense of motion as they spin and tilt on the Gonge Rock Around.
    The Gonge Rock Around is specially designed to help Children with autism and other motor difficulties, this therapy toy is a useful resource for parents, teachers, and therapists.
    To use the Gonge Rock Around, Children simply have to sit or stand on it and shift their weight.

    Encourage kids to spin and rock, or let them have fun and move in whatever way they like! The Gonge Rock Around has an ergonomic rim which prevents fingers from being pinched between the disc and the floor.

    This activity provides great exercise while working on core stability and balance.
    Children may progress from sitting to standing as they strengthen their muscles, coordination and confidence.

    Smaller children may also choose to play together-- the Gonge Rock Around has ample room for two!

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