Halilit Bendy Bell

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    The Halilit Bendy Bell is a fun and flexible bell instrument which are easy to wear on wrist or ankle or even both for added fun.
    The Halilit Bendy Bells have a clear, bright, resonant tone they are great for dancing to your favourite music and experimenting with sound.
    Help your child’s co-ordination and physical development as well as their listening skills and concentration as they create a range of soft and loud sounds, playing the Halilit Bendy Bell in different positions – high, low, infront and behind, for example.

    The Halilit Bendy Bell are a fantastic school resource and also a great play toy for use at home.
    Children quite simply love these.

    They even help develop creativity, motor skills and hand-eye co-ordination.

    Halilit's durable, safe and high quality musical instrument toys are used in pre-schools, baby groups and nurseries across the country, ensuring you're choosing a highly respected and trusted brand.

    Suitable from 2 years+
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