Healdswood Double Curve Set

    SKU: DD-COS-29106

    Sale price£309.95


    The Healdswood Double Curve Set is a wonderful addition to our early years furniture range and is ideal for schools and nursery settings.
    You've all seen the classic furniture available from Community Playthings and Early Excellence etc? Here's our own version of a similar styles but at much reduced prices and the same quality standard.
    Created at Healdswood in collaboration with craftsfolk and road tested, they're proven to be a real favourite.
    A pair of rounded corner shelves and doubled sided shelving unit to maximise storage and space efficiently.
    Baskets available separately.
    Set of 2.
    Corner Shelves H69cm x W34cm x D34cm.
    Double Shelves H70cm x W104cm x D65cm.

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