Lakeshore Water Play Kit

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    Children have so much fun playing with our Lakeshore Water Play Kit, they don’t even know they’re learning about the properties of water!
    The 38 plastic pieces within the Lakeshore Water Play Kit include funnels, beakers, spoons, eyedroppers, cups and more—all in a mesh bag, with a guide.

    What better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with the endless learning opportunities of sand and water resources. Sand and Water play can can involve all sorts of tactile materials including sand, water, mud, slime, foam and more! Different textures and consistencies can help children get used to different sensations and get a ‘feel’ for hands and fingers as they develop their fine motor abilities. Messy play is very creative, allowing children the opportunity to explore their imagination and ability to express feelings. It’s also a fun way to increase vocabulary, social interaction and can provide hours of fun and discovery.

    Lakeshore Learning provide a range of innovative resources for early childhood and primary school classrooms for all areas of the curriculum. Includes literacy, maths, science, role play and exploratory play.

    • Great for the classroom
    • Children can explore sand and water properties
    • Dimensions: 71cm tall, sturdy base 33cm
    • Direct from manufacturer extended delivery times will apply

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