Large Sensory Bubble Timer Set of 4

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    These Large Sensory Bubble Timers are wonderful to watch and create a visual point of interest with a calming effect.
    Each Large Sensory Bubble Timer contains a reservoir at either end from which a coloured, viscous liquid drips when turned over, in a wonderfully soothing and calming manner.
    The regular feed of little globules of liquid slide and drop down a series of curving ramps until they finally pool in the base, at which point the timer can again be turned over again, and the process started all over again.
    The Large Sensory Bubble Timer is unique as the liquid floats upwards towards the top of the timer.
    • Set of 4 attractive transparent colour timers in red, green, blue and yellow.
    • Ideal early years resource that shows the passing of time as the oil and water droplets flow through the timers.
    • Turn any of these 4 colourful liquid timers upside down and watch the bubbles float to the top.
    • These timers are ideal for stimulating discussion on time differentiation, keeping concentration or simply for providing a visual sensory experience.
    • Size 125 x 85 mm

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