Learning Resources Twisty Droppers

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    With Twisty Droppers, children can develop hand and finger muscle strength and fine-motor skills during water play.
    This set of 4 colourful droppers can be used in science activities, mark-making exercises,Messy Play games or during self-directed play.
    Each set of Twisty Droppers features: Four 15cm pipettes Soft colourful bulbs designed for small hands with twisty coloured translucent tubes Handy storage tub for ease of use Why not try using Twisty Droppers with a range of coloured water for an exciting effect.
    Curly liquid droppers are ideal for developing hand strength and fine motor skills Perfect for a variety of uses: At a water table For scientific exploration Creative play Each pipette features a soft, durable bulb and translucent tube Includes the following attractive colour combinations: Orange & Blue and Purple & Green Each twisty liquid dropper measures 15cm L Includes a handy storage bucket Set of 4

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