Mega Giant Dark Den - Dark Den

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    This black out sensory den has a unique is very simple to install and light weight while being stable and safe for children to use.
    The sealable entrance on the Mega Giant Dark Den means that inside the black out sensory den remains dark even in daylight, creating the perfect space for multi-sensory play and learning.
    Children can explore UV, glow in the dark, torches, bubble tubes, fibre optics and much more in the dark environment.
    With a thick cover to keep light out, large door panel and easy to pack away, it's great for those settings short on space.
    It can be used portrait or landscape.
    Also great for using without the cover as a giant den frame.
    You can also save when you buy the Giant Dark Den with our Dark Den accessory kit Includes:

    • Den poles, connectors and den covering,
    • This item should be assembled and packed away by an adult.
    • Use for role play, drama, scientific investigation, special needs and fun!
    • Built Product Measures: 139 x 100 x 121.0cm

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