Mental Blox® Jr

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    Mental Blox® Jr.
    provides block-stacking play and point-of-view puzzles for pre-school children.
    It has bold graphics and make-you-think challenges.
    Activity cards provide examples of what to build and open-bottomed blocks allow for hiding of pieces in more complex puzzles.
    The game includes a puzzle tray, eight puzzle pieces (four cubes, four shapes), 28 double-sided puzzle cards, and an activity guide.
    What our team of testers said "I like the colours and faces, they are funny.
    " - Girl aged 5 "I want to finish them all, can I?" - Boy aged 6 Mental Blox Junior is a great game for developing strategic thinking and problem solving in younger children.
    Our testers really liked the colourful blocks with different faces; they were easy to handle and the overall gameplay was simple to pick up.
    We really liked the different levels of challenge and the way in which children could progress through the cards at their own pace.
    Lots of the children we tested the activity with wanted to carry on playing until they had completed all of the cards in the set; they had to really concentrate and focus in order to finish them all successfully.
    With adult input the activity could be extended to include naming shapes and colours; children could also be encouraged to describe the blocks and their location thus developing their vocabulary.

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