Nesting Balance Path Set

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    Create twists and turns, with these four different shaped balance paths, that include footprints of an elephant, cat, duck and frog.
    Following these footprints will provide a sensory balancing experience.
    Each length has a different height, width and animal footprint to follow.
    The Nesting Balance Path Set enables children to learn balance and experience sensory stimulation, whether, walked on, crawled or stepped over.
    The convex surfaces enables children to feel their centre of gravity and learn to keep balance.
    The Nesting Balance Path Set can be nested to save storage space.
    Product Dimensions: Elephant L 66.
    4 x W 36.
    7 x H 17.
    2cm Cat L 97.
    6 x W 6.
    6 x H 4.
    2cm Duck L 112.
    9 x W 26.
    3 x H 12.
    7cm Frog L 105.
    1 x W 16.
    1 x H 7.

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