Oval Branch Offcuts Pack of 250g

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    This Oval Branch Offcuts Pack of 250g includes over 75 pieces of Oval Branch Offcuts in assorted sizes, ideal for sensory exploration.
    Each of the Oval Branch Offcuts has its own distinguishing characteristics such as markings, holes and crevices featuring a smooth finish with natural markings and grains, this asset can be used on its own or as part of a larger group of sensory resources.
    The Oval Branch Offcuts Pack of 250g encourage's young learners to inspect them thoroughly and comment on what they see and feel or assist them in creating small world settings using the Oval Branch Offcuts and other natural materials.
    Combine the Oval Branch Offcuts with other items from our Natural Materials Range and watch as young learners explore all the sensory stimuli provided by the different shapes, textures, sizes, colours and smells, learning a whole new set of skills as they do it.
    Please note these items are not toys and are designed to support curricular activities under adult supervision.
    •Encourage children to explore and discover the natural world around them.
    •Perfect for stimulating tactile and visual skills and the creation of small world sceneries.
    •Pack supplied in a pack of 250g of Oval Branch Offcuts.
    •Sizes and characteristics may vary.
    •For use under adult supervision.

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