Perception Cubes

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    The sensory Perception Cubes come in eight different clear colours and feel smooth and inviting to touch.
    The very youngest children will enjoy handling the Perception Cubes in free sensory play or as part of a treasure basket collection.
    Older children will find the Perception Cubes fascinating as they hold them up and look through to see the world around them in different colours.
    Holding two or three Perception Cubes together creates new colours and hues; using the cubes on a light panel or against a window will enhance the children’s opportunities for colour mixing.
    The Perception Cubes can be used to stack towers, or included with other similar resources to create imaginative small world scenes.
    The Perception Cubes supports the following areas of learning: • Understanding the World - colour • Physical Development - motor skills • Personal Development - sensory • Communication & Language - descriptive language Specification Size: 35mm.
    Age: Suitable for all ages.

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