Percussion Workshop sensory pack


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    The Percussion Workshop Sensory Pack provides colours, textures, and most importantly sounds that stimulate the senses.
    All instruments within the Percussion Workshop sensory pack are easy to play and inclusive to any ability, so it doesn't matter what stage of learning your class or music group are at, this Sensory Pack will provide a fun musical activity for everyone involved.
    It is also provided in a smart and durable 30 litre storage box with a lid, ideal if you have a small space or for easy transport.
    This Percussion Workshop sensory pack contains: 1 x Tambourine with goatskin - 8" 1 x Traditional wooden slide Swanee 1 x Wood shaker guiro with scraper 1 x Single wooden agogo with beater 1 x Triangle - small 1 x Cactus Stem Rainstick approx 25cm 2 x Plastic fruit shakers 2 x Individual plastic kazoos 1 x Kokiriko - small plastic 1 x Tambourine Half Moon 1 x Maracas plastic large - pair 1 x Chiquitas blue & red plastic - pair 1 x Afuche Cabasa Mini 1 x Wooden frog scraper - 8'' x 5'' 1 x Monkey drum 3 x Wrist bells - pair 2 x Egg shakers 1 x Double agogo bells 1 x Chime bar diatonic set of 8 Please note: Pack contents may vary

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