Primary Bench Bean Bag - Red

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    Encourage paired work with the primary bench bean bag.
    The Primary Bench Bean Bag is large enough for 2 children making this the perfect addition to any reading corner or group work corner.
    Being firmer makes this design functional and space efficient.
    Our Indoor/Outdoor bean bags are made from a soft, shower-proof and UV Resistant material - meaning the sun and rain won't damage them! Although perfectly suited for use outside, the Indoor/Outdoor bean bags are very comfortable and look great in any living room or bedroom.
    These bean bags are not fully waterproof (fully sealing a bean bag makes it like a balloon!) so we do not recommend leaving these bean bags uncovered when it's raining.
    Water can still get to the beans, meaning it'll need to dry out before its next use.
    Keeping you Comfortable, Keeping you Safe Bean bags are comfortable.
    They're also really fun to sit on! We know that those are the main reasons for wanting a bean bag, and that's why we've spent a lot of time doing all of the boring stuff to make sure that whilst you and your family are relaxing on our super comfortable bean bags.

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