Rainbow Sorting Crayons

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    Teach your children all about colours with this fun set of Rainbow Sorting Crayons.
    Each rainbow sorting crayon stores six figurines that make learning fun and exciting.
    Your child will love learning the difference between red, blue, yellow, orange, green, purple, pink, and brown -- and you'll love helping them learn with these stunning Rainbow Sorting Crayons.
    The Rainbow Sorting Crayons set comes with 48 sorting pieces which children will love.
    Rainbow Sorting Crayons Activities encourage:

    • Colour identification
    • Patterning 
    • Counting vocabulary •
    • Oral language
    • Rainbow Sorting Crayons Set includes 48 manipulatives and eight crayons; stored in an attractive cardboard storage box 
    • Rainbow Sorting Crayons measure: 240mm(h)

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