Rhyme & Sort Rockets

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    Build phonological awareness with these rhyme and sort rockets.
    Place a photo card in the rocket doorway, then sort cards that rhyme into the correct rocket.
    Boost literacy skills further and sort by beginning sounds, ending sounds, syllables and more.
    Includes: 8 rockets with removable tops, 80 rhyming cards and Activity guide.
    Children place a card in the rocket’s doorway and sort the remaining cards that rhyme Open ended sorting allows a number of early literacy skills to be reinforced, including: Beginning sounds Ending sounds Syllables and more Cards feature real life photography so children can relate to the objects shown Language free cards are perfect for pre-readers Each rhyme and sort rocket measures 13cm H Each card measures 3.
    5cm square Set includes: Eight rockets: Dark Blue, Orange, Yellow, Dark Green, Purple, Red, Light Green and Light Blue 80 picture cards

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