Sensory Meteor Ball

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    Feel the nobbles, ridges, and swirls as you pop the baby balls out of the Sensory Meteor Ball and squeeze and toss! The asteroid-shaped giant Sensory Meteor Ball houses six colourful little friends.
    The Sensory Meteor Ball is made of a squeezable material, the little balls fit snuggly into the divots! Practice pressing the little ones back into place in the divots, playing with grasp and grip with these squeezable toys! Play with all seven balls together, or pull out the little ones for chasing, rolling, and tossing! Six small tactile patterned balls fit into the big asteroid-shaped ball Sensory Meteor Ball.
    Encourages gross motor and fine motor play, active play, tactile stimulation Pull out the tactile balls for grasping, chasing, rolling, and tossing! Press the small tactile balls into the divots in the red ball Feel the nobbles, ridges, and swirls on the little balls Practice pulling the small balls out of their homes Play with all seven balls together, or separately Includes 6 grippable small tactile balls and 1 large Sensory Meteor Ball.
    Made of squishy plastic for safety and grip

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