Sensory Optical Effects Bag

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    The resources in this sensory optical effects bag provide a wide range of visual effects including the amazing world of colour through the sensory blocks and a reflective textured surface from the Space Blankets, and see the world with a hint of orange, red, yellow or blue using the giant softie mirrors.
    The spiral tube timers are also an amazing calming sensory resource.
    Mirrors are a very popular sensory and early years resource which allow children to discover themselves and become familiar with their own face and expressions and the world around them.
    • 1 x Sensory Bag
    • 2 x Magic Mirrors
    • 3 x Space Blankets
    • 1 x Guidecraft Rainbow Blocks
    • 2 x Spiral Tube Timers
    • Giant Softie Colour Panels
    • Pack Contents may vary subject to stock

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