Solway Early Years Storage Set

    SKU: DD-TWO- S-6881

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    The Solway Early Years Storage Set is a robust, durable set of furniture, ideally sized for early years.
    The Solway Early Years Storage Set is designed to accommodate the Gratnells Cubby Tray, smaller than standard Gratnells trays, allowing units to be compact.
    Ideal for younger children to access, and where space is more limited.
    Units are stand alone, but supplied with connecting bolts allowing them to be securely joined together.
    Supplied with clear trays.
    Tray dimensions: H150 x W260 x D310mm.
    Product Content: Set includes 6 pieces: 2 x 2 High Corner Unit (FU10599), plus one each of: 2 Tray Unit (FU10600CL), 9 Tray Unit (FU10603CL), Corner Finisher, 3 Tray Unit (FU10604CL) and 6 Tray Unit (FU10601CL).
    Supplied with clear trays.
    Material:MDF Assembly type:Self-Assembly Warranty:10 Years

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