Space Sand

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    You can mold and sculpt it underwater, but when you bring it out of the water, the Space Sand is miraculously and stunningly dry! Space Sand is also great for sand and water tables, sure to provide hours of fun.
    Space Sand is unbelievable sand that will not get wet and can be formed into shapes under water.
    Also know as hydrophobic sand, Space Sand is very similar to the sand that is found on Mars thus the name, Space Sand.
    When you submerge Space Sand in water it turns into strange clay-like material that can be moulded and shaped underwater.
    But when left out of the water it becomes dry sand again.
    • Really weird, but so cool! Space Sand is just normal sand that has been exposed to the vapours of a silicon compound called trimethylhyroxysilane.
    • This process changes the composition of the surface of the sand and makes it unable to bond with water.
    • Hydrophobic - fear of water! Space Sand is non-toxic so kids of all ages can play and conduct their own experiments with it.

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