Spikey Light up ball

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    Our delightful Spikey Light up balls are a durable and tactile touch ball.
    The Spikey Light up balls are a highly tactile squeeze ball which is soft to touch and squeeze and light up when activated.
    Bounce or squeeze the Spikey Light up ball and the internal lights will display a bright colourful light.
    As the Spikey Light up ball has soft tactile spikes the ball is easy to hold, catch or throw.
    With the soft tactile spikes on the ball this makes a fantastic massage and stimulation ball as the child rolls it across and through there hands.

    • Many occupational therapists purchase the Spikey Light up ball as they use the ball for therapy exercises such as: Throwing and catching Hand Exercises Finger Exercises Fine motor skill development
    • Our delightful tactile Spikey Light up ball is a great addition to any sensory room and sensory environment.

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