Stems® (Tub of 60)

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    Introduce STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) to young learners through play with this intriguing construction toy.
    Just one Stem provides endless possibilities as children and adults alike zip together the weird and wobbly pieces, creating anything in their imagination!
    Take a look at what you can create with Stems! Fascinating fun for the whole family! Stems, the flexible 3D maker toy encourages STEM learning through play
    Encourage a hands-on exploration of 3D geometry as children create with Stems

    These intriguing pieces of flexible plastic will develop key learning skills as children zip them together, including:

    Problem Solving Fine Motor Coordination Hand-Eye Coordination Curiosity

    The weird, wobbly geometry zips together creating anything in your imagination - bouncing balls, rolling wheels, leaping frogs and much more

    Set includes

    • 60 pieces, 12 each of five vibrant colours: pink, orange, yellow, green and blue
    • Includes multilingual activity guide to get you started
    • Handy storage tub measures 19cm H x 14cm D
    • Each Stems piece measures 7.5cm L (20xm L when pulled straight)
    • Features multilingual packaging

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