Taf Toys Newborn Baby Gym

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    Treat your newborn baby to this extra cosy, thickly padded baby play gym! The Taf Toys Newborn Baby Gym has been specially designed to aid new-born development.
    This large 90 x 90cm baby gym has a luxurious, super soft centre, providing a cosy, comfortable place for even the newest of babies.
    The sides of the mat can be raised to create a snug environment, revealing high contrast illustrations in a baby-book style, designed to help baby's visual development in the early stages, along with a large baby-safe mirror.
    Soft, removable arches provide plenty of hanging options for each of the 3 vibrantly coloured detachable toys.
    Baby will be intrigued by the loveable jittering fish, chime bell cat and the colourful musical ball which with a gentle tap plays charming musical pieces ranging from gentle jazz to classical string orchestra.
    All of the soft toys provide an abundance of grabbing and chewing options, helping to develop baby's senses and motor skills.
    As baby grows, remove the arches to reveal a play mat with lots more fun activities.
    Baby can move around the mat to discover a teether, squeaker and crinkling parts, whilst enjoying the richly coloured illustrations, designed to stimulate parent-baby interaction.
    Space to hang more toys of your own The three toys provided can be removed and taken along for playtime anywhere! Suitable from birth.

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