Teenage classic Beanbag - Yellow

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    The retro style will have teenagers lounging and relaxing in peace,creating the perfect calm down zone The classic Teenage classic Beanbag is easy to move around, making them the perfect bean bag for using around the school.
    The Teenage classic Beanbag is designed with relaxing study in mind.
    Cool, comfortable and light.
    They are easy to move around to form group or solo study areas.
    Bean bags are comfortable.
    They're also really fun to sit on! We know that those are the main reasons for wanting a bean bag, and that's why we've spent a lot of time doing all of the boring stuff to make sure that whilst you and your family are relaxing on our super comfortable bean bags, that you're also as safe as houses.
    All of our fabrics are certified to the British Standards for soft furnishing fire retardancy, as is the polystyrene bead filling.

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