Transparent Bucket

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    The Transparent Bucket with carry handle is ideal for sand and water play.
    Being clear, sand and water can easily be seen to show proportion and volume.
    The Transparent Bucket is ideal for holding items found during sand and water discovery play.
    With this transparent sand bucket, your children can build great sand castles, walls and towers.
    Thanks to the transparent plastic, it is also ideal for observing and examining earth and water or other natural materials.
    The triangular recess in the upper edge allows water or other liquids to be poured out with pinpoint accuracy .
    The ml scale is practical for the most precise measurements and exciting experiments.
    By how many ml, for example, does the water level rise if you put a large stone in the water? Supports the following areas of learning: • Understanding the World - exploration • Physical Development - motor skills • Maths - measurement • Personal Development - collaborative play

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