Travelling Tales -The Snail and the Whale

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    Take pupils on an adventure around the globe with Travelling Tales: The Snail and the Whale.
    The Travelling Tales series are a one-stop shop for teaching storytelling to KS1 pupils.
    They include everything you need to teach a cross-curricular series of lessons based around a quality text, including a Teacher Guide with ideas and inspiration for lessons.
    In this Travelling Tales, teachers are provided a copy of The Snail and the Whale written by the amazing Julia Donaldson and illustrated by the talented Axel Scheffler.
    The Snail and the Whale is a heart-warming story about one snail's dream to see the world, and the unlikely friendship that sparks adventures around the globe.
    Also included in the Travelling Tales story sack is a variety of resources that can be used alongside The Snail and the Whale to teach effective storytelling lessons.
    Give your voice a break and let the incredible talent of Imelda Staunton read The Snail and the Whale to your pupils by playing the included CD.
    Tell the story using physical representations of the characters with soft toy versions of the Snail and the Whale.
    Use the play mat to help pupils envision the journey the two protagonists take.
    Teach cross-curricular themed lessons using the Catch and Count maths-based game.
    Explore creatures from the ocean using the tub of plastic sea mammals and fish and learn all about them with Kings of the Ocean, a non-fiction book that investigates large ocean creatures.
    What's in the Travelling Tales sack? 1 x copy of The Snail and the Whale* 1 x copy of Kings of the Ocean** 1 x soft toy representation of the main characters* 1 x play mat** 1 x Catch and Count game** 1 x tub of plastic sea mammals and fish** 1 x Teacher Guide** Contents may vary from description.
    *"The Snail and the Whale" is a registered Trademark of Julia Donaldson, c/o Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency, 71 Hillgate Place, London W8 7SS, GB.
    Findel Education Limited (trading as Hope Education) has no affiliation with Julia Donaldson, or Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency.
    **Products are not affiliated with, or approved by, Julia Donaldson or Caroline Sheldon Literary Agency.
    Reasons to Love Quality texts from well known authors, great for sharing with children; the patterned language promotes choral reading and retelling, naturally encouraging audience participation! Each bag provides a window into a new world where the children can learn new ideas and information through engaging and exciting stories Good quality materials support the texts, allowing children to create their own play with the characters, further developing vocabulary and language Each bag contains a related non-fiction text, developing the idea of the story with further information The games link to the text and provide the opportunity to work collaboratively and take turns, while extending and developing the story Learning Outcomes Provide opportunities for children to express views about events or characters in a story and to answer questions about what happened.
    Provide wide range of media and materials to share thoughts, ideas, and feelings.
    After listening to stories, children can express views about events or characters in the story and answer questions about why things happened.
    Expose children to a wide range of reading material with lots of opportunities to engage with books that fire their imagination and interest.
    Pupils are given the opportunity to explain their understanding of books whilst developing comprehension skills as well as increasing vocabulary.
    Resources allow children to adopt, create, and sustain roles of characters in the stories.
    Opportunities for improvisation as well as script drama are provided.
    Many opportunities for discussion of stories and books with the teacher including non-fiction texts.

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