Triple Multi Colour Mirror Set

    SKU: DD-LTE-N1304MC

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    The Triple Multi Colour Mirror Set is a safe, soft collection of sensory mirrors and much more! The Triple Multi Colour Mirror Setis made from high impact resistant, non shatter plastic, the safety sensory mirrors are sewn into generous foam shapes, to give concave, convex, and flat reflection.
    Children will have huge fun with this set which can also be used on the floor, and each piece can be used individually too.
    Folds up for easy storage.
    Made from easy wipe clean material.
    All materials are fire retardant.
    Plastic mirrors clean with household polish and are replaceable.
    Features Product Content: 4 pieces each 60 cm sq.
    1 x convex, 1 x concave, 1 x flat mirror pad x 4 cm thick, 1 x plain pad, 4cm thick.
    3 x large mirrors.
    When stacked: 60 x 60 x 45 cm Pack size:4

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