Tuff Tray Insert Below the Sea Mat

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    Dive into ocean life with this beautifully illustrated Tuff Tray Insert Below the Sea Mat.
    Add boats and animals to the tuff tray mat and bring the play scene to life.
    Use a variety of wet and dry materials to create a multi sensory 3D experience.
    Printed on our plastic backed polyester, these mats are suitable to be used outdoors as well as indoors.
    The Tuff Tray Insert Below the Sea Mat is designed to fit the Active World Tuff Tray.
    This mat can fit in the Tuff Spot Tray and is ideal for individual or small group play.
    Children enjoy searching for sea creatures and paddling, this mat recreates this experience.
    The trays enable children to add water, toys, sand, pebbles, and leaves to create interesting small environments.
    Size 86 x 86 cm (APPROX) and made from a durable waterproof hard wearing vinyl which can easily be rolled and unrolled flat.

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