Tuff Tray Insert Double Sided Exploring Time and Shape

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    Simple designs and bright colours enable teachers to display and create resources in an appealing and accessible way for young learners.
    This Exploring time and shape tuff tray mat is perfect for time and shape exploration through play.
    These "Explorer" mats work equally well on the floor, a table top or in a play tray and can be used in different areas and different stages of the curriculum to provide learning opportunities for both teacher led and more independent exploration.
    The Exploring time and shape tuff tray mat fits all sizes of Play Tray.
    (Mats only.
    Accessories, toys, instruments, including cards, clock hands and numbers, pictured are not supplied and are for illustration purposes only) Specification: Machine washable polyester felt to EN71: 864mm diameter.
    • Portable: use indoors & out • Fold to store • Machine washable • Crease resistant • Lay flat • Printed both sides • Fuzzy felt friendly

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