Pond Life Water Snake

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    These Pond Life Water Snakes are so much fun to squeeze and make the water push out.
    It makes a soothing water splashing sound as you play.
    Watch out, this is one of those trick snake tubes that are difficult to hold on to.
    AMAZING STRESS RELIEF TOYS - These sensory wiggly water toys make fantastic autism toys, stim toys, ADHD toys, and fiddle toys for anxiety.
    ODDLY SATISFYING - You'll have a hard time putting down this figit toy! This squidgy thing will fulfil all your fidget and sensory needs.
    A water snake that will slip from your hands!

    • LOTS OF SPINNING WIGGLIES - Watch as each unique piece in the water snake zooms about when you give it a wiggle!
    • Great party bag fillers and stocking fillers!
    • Measures 14cm

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